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The Local Governments Training centre of Latvia (LGTC of Latvia) was established in 1993 by the Union of Local and Regional Self-Governments of Latvia and number of Latvian self-governments. Since 2007 LGTC of Latvia is accredited educational institution.

The main aim of the LGTC of Latvia is to promote the development of democratic and decentralized public administration in Latvia by the means of training self-government politicians and employees. 
Centre is a non-governmental organization and it operates on a non-profit basis. Its revenues are generated through course fees and participation in various projects.

Main tasks of the Centre:

  • To develop and implement training programmes for different levels and types of municipalities and municipal enterprises;
  • To promote exchange of experience among self-governments, to gather and distribute “best practice” examples;
  • To participate in international co-operation in the field of municipal education and training;
  • To carry out research projects on municipal issues.

Centre is a member of various national and international organisations, namely ENTO (European Network of Training organisations), SCEPSTA (The Standing Conference of European Public Service Training Agencies), NISPAcee (Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe) and Latvian Association of Adult Education. It has strong links with different local government institutions in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Germany, as well as many other countries. 
Main office of the LGTC of Latvia is located in Riga, however the training is also being provided throughout the territory of Latvia.

LGTC employs 9 full time office-workers and its trainers’ database contains data on approximately 400 trainers and professors. Every year about 5000 local government politicians and employees participate in the courses and seminars organised by the LGTC of Latvia.

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