ProjectsOur work

Since its establishment Local Governments Training Centre of Latvia has participated in many different projects. Usually the purpose of these projects is to create or develop educational programs, to improve lecturers' qualification and otherwise raise the quality of education.

So far we have successfully developed more than 50 projects concerning different issues. A lot of projects have been connected to social sphere (e.g. assistance of violence victims, training of foster-parents, social administration etc.), but also we had projects concerning self-governments' politics, efficiency, finances, communication, organization of election campaigns, ethics. There have been projects about training itself and as the self-governments of Latvia are responsible for education of its inhabitants LGTC of Latvia has also realized projects that were devoted to further training of teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Projects in which LGTC of Latvia has participated have been both national and international. These projects have been financed by the United Nations, World Environment Fund, European Social Fund, Open Society Institute, World Bank, European Integration Bureau, European Integration Programme PHARE, SOCRATES subprogram Grundtvig, Leonardo, MATRA programme of the Netherlands, The Danish Energy Agency, Soros Foundation, some ministries and agencies of Latvia and others.

LGTC of Latvia currently is cooperating with: