2008 - 2014


from 2008 to 2014

Project name, content Funding provider
European Commission Directorate - General Communications networks, Content & Technology Project „SAFER use the Internet" (01.10.2012. - 30.10.2014.) European Commission
Nordic Council of Ministers Nordplus Adult programme Project „Integrating principles of Green Public Procurement in material and energy choices by using Problem Based Learning". (01.07.2012. - 30.06.2014.) Nordic Council of Ministers Nordplus Adult programme
The Local Government Training Centre of Latvia in cooperation with State Police is implementing Latvia-Swiss programme funded project "Children and Youth Offenders Individual Prevention Implementation in their residence" (01.01.2011. - 31.12.2011.) Latvia - Swiss programme
Nordic Council of Ministers Nordplus Adult programme project "Awareness rising on environmentally sound use of interior materials and construction (GREENICON)" (01.08.2010. - 31.07.2012.) Nordplus Adult programme
ESF SIF programme Project "Education of the Professional Association of decision-making processes, conflict of interest and financial leverage for the realization of project ideas" (01.09.2010. - 31.08.2011.) European Union and European Social Fund
"Best practice examples concerning motivation to save energy resources in apartment houses" (October 20-24, 2008, Berlin, Germany) Leonardo da Vinci mobility programme
"Lifelong learning: assessment of adult education results" (2008.-2009.) Nordplus programme