• Theory and practice merging via PBL by integrating GPP in material and energy choices. Improved methodology of teaching and learning methods for adults;
  • Improved municipalities knowledge on GPP theory, raised awareness on GPP necessity;
  • Developed methodology on Integrated Green Public Procurement in material and energy choices by using Problem Based Learning which aims to unite theory and praxis in order for municipalities to be able by themselves to develop GPP technical specifications;
  • Analysis of successes and problems in the practical implementation of green procurement communicated to the competent authorities / interested parties;
  • In long term PBL method improves interaction between adult learners, university education and business in creation of sustainable solutions on construction materials, energy and management of system

As the result of project here are available documents:

Green public procurement in Latvia Green public procurement in Latvia.pdf

Green public procurement in Norway Green public procurement in Norway.pdf

Public e-procurement in Norway Public e-procurement in Norway.pdf

Zaļais iepirkums Norvēģijā Zalais iepirkums Norvegija.pdf

Work or municipal purchasing unity in Norway Work of purchasing unity - Notodden presentasjon.pdf

Daži aspekti par problēmmācības metodi Dazi aspekti par problemmacibu - Latviski.pdf

ECO classifications in Norway ECO-classifications.pdf

10 golden rules in eco-design 10 goldenrules in eco-design.pdf

Green procurement - 10 golden rules Green Procurement 10GR.pdf

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